What is Crying Boomers?


Crying Boomers is a educational comedy podcast that will humanize and contextualize modern art, with a focus on the postwar era. Crying Boomers is a project of Amy-Elizabeth and Terp Vairin.

If you’ve been to an art museum, chances are you’ve seen a piece of modern art, and have maybe been unsure about it. Why is splatter painting a thing? Why is this white painting worth so much money? Why is this urinal considered art? These are all valid questions we will attempt to answer in a twice-monthly, easy fashion, with lots of cuss words.

Your Hosts:



Amy-Elizabeth is a history teacher and trained historian who works with high school students to teach critical thinking and writing skills. She is interested in public history, digital humanities, and teaching people how not to romanticize the past.

Amy-Elizabeth holds a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Georgia State University and Mercer University. Her concentrations are in World History, and U.S. History.


Terp Vairin

Terp Vairin is an artist and educator exploring creativity as a means to communicate across social and personal barriers. She believes approaching uncomfortable situations with vulnerability and curiosity yields the most effective results. Vairin has worked on shows, fabrications and performances with Art on the BeltLine, MINT Gallery, The Workshop, re:imagine/ATL, The Lucky Penny, Out of Hand Theater, and more.

She holds a BFA in communication arts from The Savannah College of Art and Design.